Strong teeth or bad dental habits? Choice is always yours!!!

Hello friends,how are you guys doing? Hope my this article finds you in best of your physical, mental, and dental health!

I usually like to discuss here the practical aspects of dentistry. I prefer talking about any subject which comes from my patients and intrigues me a lot. Like I have been getting many patients with tooth brush abrasion, attrition of teeth due to excessive clenching of jaws, micro fractures of teeth as the patient liked to chew on ice, hot and cold sensitivities in teeth because patient loved lemon so much.

Interestingly, all of them could not imagine that they have been into all these wrong dental practices all this while. So today here I want to discuss point wise all those thing/practices which are harmful for our dental well being.

Do not brush too hard
imagesBrushing your teeth regularly is part of good oral hygiene, but if you brush too vigorously, or too hard you can cause more harm than good. It can wear down enamel, irritate your gums, make your teeth sensitive to cold, and even cause cavities. To avoid these problems use a soft tooth brush which means the bristles are firm enough to remove plaque, but soft enough not to cause damage. Alternatively you can also use your non dominant hand to brush your teeth because that ways your brain will be more alert while brushing !!

Use Toothpicks Carefully :

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When used properly, toothpicks can help keep the areas between your teeth clean. “If you do it carefully, it is helpful, If you don’t, you are going to hurt your gum tissue.” So be careful not to get too aggressive with that toothpick in your quest for oral hygiene. Use your pick perpendicular to tooth surface and never poke into gums!!!

Lay Off the Lemons: 

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People who suck lemons or drink lemon water in excess may be putting their dental health in jeopardy. Lemons are very acidic, the acidity corrodes the enamel  and repeated exposure creates a rough texture on the surface of your teeth, which can lead to sensitivity or decay!!!

Fond of Soda?  

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Always have a soda on hand? Carbonated drinks are a red signal for your teeth, because they tend to be very acidic. Even if it’s diet, the acidity of [soda] is just corroding your enamel . The effects of soda on teeth are even worse if you slowly sip it over a long period of time. “People don’t realize they are bathing their teeth in acid for an hour. The acidity in soda can lead to dental health problems much like lemon does!!

Do You bite on ice?


 Ice cubes may seem harmless, but the cold temperature and the hardness of ice cubes can cause serious damage to your teeth. Our teeth are designed to crush through things, not against something. Even though crunching ice with your teeth may be easy, keep in mind, that your blender needs special blades to crush ice. This can cause micro fractures in teeth.

Refrain From Jaw Clenching and Tooth Grinding  

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For some people, stress can trigger frequent clenching of the jaw or grinding of the teeth. There is a severe amount of pressure on your teeth when you do that, and you can get micro fractures or actual fractures in your teeth Micro fractures are weakened areas in your teeth that puts them at risk for further damage. Jaw clenching or tooth grinding can also damage the internal structure of your jaw joints hence causing chronic pain symptoms on sides of face.

Using Teeth as a Tool  

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Teeth has mainly three jobs : chew food properly, speak clearly and look good when we smile.Many people use teeth to remove a tag from clothing or open a packet of wafers or even opening a cork screwed bottle. All this can damage tooth structure so do not use your teeth as a plier or hook .

All these habits can actually lead to some serious problems with teeth which we can easily avoid. Keeping in mind these few things and keeping a check on wrong habits can help us maintaining beautiful and strong teeth.

Till next time

Smile healthy, Live happily

Dr V Thakran & team


Dental care during pregnancy- it’s not about only you, but baby too!!

Hello all!

Since last 2-3 days I was thinking about writing a new blog and searching for some informative and use full topic of dental health. Incidentally, in last few days I happened to see three pregnant ladies at my clinic for one or the other dental problem and I realized that during pregnancy mouth, teeth, gums and oral health are somehow overlooked. It is a fact that physiological and hormonal changes in body leads to increased gum problems in all pregnant ladies but generally swollen gums and bleeding from gums is totally ignored and only few of them report to a dental surgeon maybe if there is any pain or chewing problem. This is the extent of taking yourself for granted. I believe that during pregnancy it’s not just about you, it’s about the baby too!

Today I would like to emphasize on the importance of a healthy mouth and oral cavity in pregnant ladies. During pregnancy there is an increase in hormone estrogen levels in body and gums in our mouth has a special attraction for this chemical leading to an increase in swelling or inflammation tendency. If you have not been keeping up well, with your oral hygiene before conceiving than you are at receiving end for gum bleeding and other dental ailments during pregnancy. If you were doing well and never visited a dentist before, still you need to get yourself examined by a dentist because there are fair chances that you may develop the signs of inflammation during early weeks after conceiving.

Now there is this big question on every pregnant ladies mind that,” what’s the big deal I can handle at least this much if I have decided to give birth to a new life”? Then I must tell you my dear friends that it’s really about the baby too because the infection that you carry in your mouth and the chemicals released in inflamed gums can cross the uterus and the protective barrier around your unborn baby and can harm the foetus. Recent research suggests seven fold increase in the risk of pregnant ladies delivering pre term, low birth weight babies as infection spreads to uterus. The effects can lead from minor deformities to still births depending on the physical status of the mother.

So all my dear ladies do take very good care of your teeth and oral health!! And do not forget to see your dentist at the earliest sign of gum disease.


Till next time

Dr V Thakran & team

Smile healthy, live happily!!


A child is the most innocent and beautiful creations of God. Innocent because they don’t think or act grey, its either black or white and anything so pure and unadulterated ought to be beautiful. They don’t know the little intricacies of smiling like we adults do, when to smile, when not to, formal smile, pleasing smile and sometimes even plastic smiles. A child’s smile is just that, sheer pleasure, fresh like dew drops and soothing like sunshine on a winter morning!!

I have my little daughters, elder one being nearly 5 years old. Like any other child she is also not very regular with her brushing regime (ironically yes!!). Being a dentist myself I tried to convince her of the bad effects not brushing can have on her teeth but she just gave me one of those “I don’t care” smile and moved on. Initially I thought to just let it go for I was also tired at the end of day but then the consequences dawned upon me.

I have seen many pediatric patients during my practicing years with lots of dental problems mainly decays and pain. One common thing which I noticed among all those children was a lack of confidence, that pure, never caring, confident smile was missing. They were conscious of the fact that their teeth did not look good, social pressure you see. And the main motive behind coming to a dentist was to get appreciation from friends, teachers and peers. This all set me wondering what would be going on in their little heads to handle all that pressure at such young age. I realized that the dental problem is not only giving child a physical discomfort but also hampering their overall physical and mental growth. I would not let that happen to my child.

I think it’s not their fault that they are suffering rather ours .We as parents should make that extra effort to give our child a helping hand to get through that 5 minute regime of brushing, morning and evening.  Believe me these 10 minutes daily you put in with child, ignoring their tantrums will definitely add on to your child’s physical well being and developing her confidence and overall personality. In a way we would be helping our society and country prosper.

A child should smile like one free, confident, fun and fresh!!


my daughter DHUN!!!

Until next time smile healthy and live happily!!!

Dr Vandana Thakran