Dental care during pregnancy- it’s not about only you, but baby too!!

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Since last 2-3 days I was thinking about writing a new blog and searching for some informative and use full topic of dental health. Incidentally, in last few days I happened to see three pregnant ladies at my clinic for one or the other dental problem and I realized that during pregnancy mouth, teeth, gums and oral health are somehow overlooked. It is a fact that physiological and hormonal changes in body leads to increased gum problems in all pregnant ladies but generally swollen gums and bleeding from gums is totally ignored and only few of them report to a dental surgeon maybe if there is any pain or chewing problem. This is the extent of taking yourself for granted. I believe that during pregnancy it’s not just about you, it’s about the baby too!

Today I would like to emphasize on the importance of a healthy mouth and oral cavity in pregnant ladies. During pregnancy there is an increase in hormone estrogen levels in body and gums in our mouth has a special attraction for this chemical leading to an increase in swelling or inflammation tendency. If you have not been keeping up well, with your oral hygiene before conceiving than you are at receiving end for gum bleeding and other dental ailments during pregnancy. If you were doing well and never visited a dentist before, still you need to get yourself examined by a dentist because there are fair chances that you may develop the signs of inflammation during early weeks after conceiving.

Now there is this big question on every pregnant ladies mind that,” what’s the big deal I can handle at least this much if I have decided to give birth to a new life”? Then I must tell you my dear friends that it’s really about the baby too because the infection that you carry in your mouth and the chemicals released in inflamed gums can cross the uterus and the protective barrier around your unborn baby and can harm the foetus. Recent research suggests seven fold increase in the risk of pregnant ladies delivering pre term, low birth weight babies as infection spreads to uterus. The effects can lead from minor deformities to still births depending on the physical status of the mother.

So all my dear ladies do take very good care of your teeth and oral health!! And do not forget to see your dentist at the earliest sign of gum disease.


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